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what you never knew . .
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in dontbelied2's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
11:05 pm
you take the breath from my lips but make me breath you understand the hollow and make me see you take a breath and turn it to ice so you might caught the butterfly forever . . .. nothing should be forever the butterfly is melted and twitching from the cold i take it up and make it warm and with that it can fly and be happy until its needs need met again but it may for get for like an moment taht it will cold and frezzing in winter again dont him away dont take him away from me your dress is blue and her just broke your heart your tears are clear and that how they start but the color reflects and they are now blue too so everything changes the sky the colorof your eyes when your soul changes for the surprise video tapes are black but the can hold so much white never forget never forget you look in her eyes and dream that you were in hers but your not she doesnteven care about you you are unexistant so just dont try you wont survive with her to help you feel now your tear is clear again and nothing no nothing will change that no you have to remain the same for a time tick tock is the clock and you havent heard it since it stopped along with your heart
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
4:26 pm
*im gonna complain hardcore* thats your warning
im sick so very very sick motherfuckers am i gonna die ??? my head hurts my neck and im still trying to get healthy enough to go to a show tonite since i couldnt be at rally but its liek a lost cause i just get sicker but im no longer throwing up anymore so thats good right now im drinking enough.i can sit up without passing out cause of the pain so thats dandy umm my neck still hurts and my nose is stuffed to all hell but im ok ya thats all for now arrgh i hate being sick it cloggs your brain so bad you can even think your brain stops working starts bleeding *which was part of my problem*

Current Mood: icky
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
4:08 pm
umm mother fucking ridulous
well i was being bored and ya i entered and poetry contest online just wrote whatever and im a semifinalist ya they think its a great poem i seriously am confused cause i really didnt even try but i guess i got talents so i figure that im a loser ya i dont even write in here cause i have one friend which is bernie i love her so i guess its worth it i need to write in my xanga so why dont i ?? im a loser thats it .. i never saw devin from rally on line have you ??? well i well i am mad at my mom cause whes not nice and church was cancelled and i called sadie and shell never call me back thats one of the things that i dont like about her but well right ??? i need a new journal background on xanga dont i ???that was a month at least ago ... im losing friends and i frankly dont kare do i nope.... victorias mom stood me up uhh im mad about that still its almost a week ago .. she still loves me but i dont really love her i went to a show it was fun huh ???? not that anyone reads this but hey it was just believe me and you should go to the ramone tribute next month kool i could write on forever on this and that but ill go somewhere im kinda read a little i love you bernie!!! that note aside someone commented on my journal but i never got there name bastards
Monday, April 4th, 2005
10:15 pm
me and the dark
i took a walk to air out my mind from this house the musty old no loving atmoshpere of it umm i just spaced out thinking of the life i wish i had away from here but just to space .. spacein my mind that forgets to matter all the time i took a flower smell it and knew that when i took it away that it wou;d die so what happens when i move out will i die ?? fireworks started to bloom as i looked at the sky loving it wondering where exactly do i take it what took it away when they ended the last few booms were there . . . . . drifting in my love in my soul in my mind and i bid farwell for now goodnight
Friday, April 1st, 2005
9:50 am
umm what am i to do with this brain
i have a personal journal yes and its funny when you have to write in there cause of lack of understanding yourself i dont know how or why i laugh or speak or cry i dont understand my self so how am i to understand you the person i have no insight on ??it just doesnt make sense huh?i told you this would be blunt as possible im alone and i hate it but i dont really like being sorrounded either i cant take it my emotions flux and all i want is to cry but you cant i hate that i honestly do its so weird you dont wanna be alone but you dont want people either hey i dont know what i am to do ?? any suggestions
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